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All buyers are keen on telling realtors what they’re looking for in a home, but what about what they’re looking for in an agent? First things first, they want to trust their realtor. This can prove difficult as many buyers have had negative experiences with other agents and have probably heard horror stories from friends and family. Buyers need to know that their needs are top priority and can share their questions and concerns with their realtor whenever the need arises. Golston Real Estate prides itself on having realtors that are accessible any time via face-to-face meetings, phone calls, text messages, emails—whatever method a client prefers.

Buyers want to hire an honest realtor and somebody who will keep his/her word. If a prospective realtor says she will email, call or meet with a buyer, she’d better do it. People looking for a home also need somebody who is organized because details are everything in home realty.  Golston Real Estate has a highly organized, full-service real estate team focused solely on each individual client’s needs so that meetings aren’t forgotten and phone calls are made in a timely fashion, catering to whatever a prospective buyer needs.

Home buyers need to be heard when it comes to what they’re looking for. They need a realtor to take their wishes and concerns to heart by showing them properties that take their requests into consideration. Golston Real Estate realtors are constantly networking with fellow realtors and have a finger on the pulse of the market, creating a database of off-market and coming-soon properties not readily available to the public and other buyers. This gives a client clear advantage over other prospective buyers and provides them with what they need as well as what their heart’s desire is.

Finding the right home is key, but buyers also want an agent who can help them determine if it is in the right neighborhood for them. How are the schools? Is it a safe area? What about cultural attractions, restaurants, and nightlife? Buyers want a realtor to anticipate, and already know the answer to, these questions. Golston Real Estate realtors have served residents of NOVA and the DC Metro Area for years for their buying, selling, investing and consulting needs and have a wealth of information to help a buyer make an educated decision about a property.

Prospective buyers want to know what types of properties have been sold, and if their new realtor has a history of happy customers. Golston Real Estate realtors have expert knowledge of current market activity and trends and have many a satisfied client to attest to their know-how. Please talk to a Golston Real Estate realtor today to find out more!

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