Multigenerational Living


Multigenerational living is a household that contains at least two generations or more. Making your home a multigenerational one may be easy in terms of simply adding those people to the household, but you may need to address other considerations, such as the possible need of improvement to your current home to accommodate for others, or even moving into a different home altogether.

There are many benefits of a multigenerational home, some of the most significant in which will be stated below.


Saves Everyone Money

Financial situations are improved for everyone in a multigenerational household when there are appropriate arrangements made to split and share costs.

Families or individuals, who may have been left struggling with living accommodations and expenses, or even job loss, may now have a chance to get back on their feet.

Improving Relationships

Deeper relationships with your family, and even friends, may be formed when living under the same roof.

Assess Needs

Different adaptations for your home may be necessary in order to accommodate for the new people that will be moving in. This includes; adding a bathroom, adding fixtures, soundproofing, extra bedrooms, storage, parking, or stair lift.

Arrange Contributions

Discuss specifically how much and how often family members will contribute to housing costs, upgrades and maintenance. Discuss on the division of chores.

Make a Change

If you find that a multigenerational home may be right for you, and you are interested in selling your current home, give us a call so we can help you sell and find the best and most appropriate home for you and your family!

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