Contrary to popular belief, real estate does not always go up and it is not always a great time buy or sell.  Steve is an honest and objective agent who is always going to tell his clients what is in their best interest.   He has over 20 years of combined Real Estate, Mortgage, and Technology experience.  He uses his expertise in Information Technology and data analysis to quickly scan thousands of listings and buying opportunities to find his clients the best deals.  What takes a typical agent days of review and analyze, takes Steve a few minutes.  For commercial clients seeking leasing opportunities, he performs complex data analysis to help determine probability of success for a business type in a specific retail or office location.   Steve is a highly motivated person and loves challenging himself.  Whether its completing Five-mile ocean swims, racing Ironman Triathlons or representing his real estate clients, failure is not an option and he is focused on achieving his and his client’s goals.

Steve currently resides in Northern Virginia with his wife, 14 year old son Alex, and eight year old daughter Maya.

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