7 Ways to Prepare for Move-In Day

Prepare yourself early to ensure you have a successful, stress free move in day. Click through 7 ways to get prepared for a big move, and spare yourself from unnecessary hassle and stress. Whether you’re moving across town or moving across the country, the moving out process can either go smoothly or be a total nightmare.

Read our 7 tips on how to make your big day a stress-free day.

  1. Expect Stress
    First and foremost, you should expect at least a small amount of stress. Be as patient as possible with yourself and everyone else involved. When everyone remembers to follow step by step instructions (keeping a checklist is a great idea), things become easier.  If your home is up for sale, chores such as clearing out clutter to prep for a house showing, and sorting and packing personal items are some of the most important, as well as the most stressful tasks. Even if professional movers are scheduled to do all the packing for you, you can save more time if you get a head start on it yourself.
  1. Keep a Checklist
    Keeping a checklist is a great idea to keep yourself and all your tasks organized and in order, such as: daily reminders, mover information and lists of what’s where. One of the most frustrating aspects of moving is constantly getting sidetracked and trying to do multiple things at once. Keep a list of step by step instructions to follow to keep yourself on track and focused on one thing at a time.
  2. Plan for Pets
    When relocating from one location to another, pets need to be planned for just as much as anyone else. Change can be stressful for animals too. Traveling arrangements should be made early especially if the pet is to travel by public transportation. Also, things like getting necessary shots, certificates, and transferring to a new local vet are important.
  3. Updating Information
    As soon as a home is sold, it is important that you update any and all personal information that needs to be changed, such as: your new address, transfer of banks/bank accounts and medical records (if any).
  4. Hold on to Valuables
    When it comes to any valuable personal items, such as jewelry, birth certificates, and social security cards, it is safer to hold onto those items and move them to your new home yourself, rather than trust them to movers or the mail. Important documents such as school records and proof of vaccinations will also have a better chance of prompt arrival if they are conveyed personally.
  5. Update Your Tags and Licenses
    Remembering to get your car registrations done, transferring drivers’ licenses, and changing license plates (if you’re moving out of state) will help you avoid unwanted fines and fees during or in between your move.
  6. Schedule Extra Time
    If possible, it is wise to schedule extra days off work or school to allow for plenty of time to recover, unpack and settle into your new home.


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